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Natural Obedience IG

Natural Obedience for Dogs

Learn what truly motivates your dog and how to train obedience behaviors using
their natural drive. We use food, toys, and praise to shape the following commands:
Sit, Down, Stay, Place, and Recall.


This program is designed to give you the tools needed to build: clear
communication, trust, and the ability to work as a team. We will tailor the training to
fit your dog’s individual needs.

Natural Obedience for Dogs

This class is limited to 6 people so there will be a lot of individual attention given. Refunds can only be given if you withdraw at least one week before class begins; otherwise, you will be given a credit for another session.

For each class, you will receive a lesson plan, homework, and videos covering the exercises. This way, if you miss a class, you will still have the materials to keep training!

When: Saturdays at 5pm starting March 4th
Classes are one hour long and this is a 5 week session
Taught by: Canine Movement Lab ( to sign up)
Hosted by: Play Wash Stay, 605 Cumberland Street, Chattanooga

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